Hi! I’m Samantha.

I spend my weekdays working as an engineer, but I spend my nights, weekends, lunches and breaks daydreaming about anything and everything DIY.

I named this blog State of DIY because our home is always in a “state of DIY.” I’m pretty sure  my husband has already accepted the fact that our home will never be finished because I’m always moving things around and coming up with plans for something else I want to build. Working on projects is how I relax. Whenever I’m not working on one of the many projects I have half-finished, I’m usually planning another one.

I decided to share my projects with you because I want to help prove that absolutely anyone can DIY, and no project has to be perfect. Honestly, some of my favorite projects are the ones that I considered failures part way through.

We moved into a builder-grade home in October 2015, and I’ve spent the last year and a half doing everything I can to put my own custom touch on our home. I love making things, and I believe that anyone can create the home they want. It doesn’t take a ton of money to do.

Also, I’m glad you’re here!