As much as I love finishing a big ol’ project like our mudroom, it’s those quick, small projects like this one that give a space some character. Over the last few months, we’ve ended up with so much scrap wood just hanging out in the garage, so here is my attempt to put it to good use by making DIY wall art.

I’ve used this trick a few times now, and I really love the way it turns out.


Check out this quick and easy diy art made using scrap wood

I started by cutting down a few leftover pieces of wood into similarly sized pieces. Then sanded them down and put on a coat of our favorite super-dark stain. My only tip here is to really focus on getting all the stain up off the wood because the streaks show up a little too well with this color.

While letting the stain dry, I mocked up some words in PowerPoint and printed them out in real size. It required me to piece together a few different pages.

How to trace words onto signs


Once the stain has dried overnight, it was time to trace! I used tape to hold the paper in place and traced away. By pushing hard enough when I’m tracing, it makes a line in the wood that I can use when I’m painting.

Speaking of, the next step is paint! I used a small brush and acrylic paint to fill in the space between the lines. I took my time, and it did take a while, but the end product was worth it!

Update: I used this method recently for the gallery wall in our bedroom. Rather than using the tedious paint and paintbrush method, I used a paint pen! The pen was technically a chalkboard pen, but I am telling you this worked like a charm! It was much easier to control the paint and took far less time. I highly recommend this over using the brush method I used for these signs.

Throw some command strips on those babies and call it a project well done.

Easy bathroom art made from scrap wood

I love how easy this project is! And it’s great to get rid of some of the scrap wood we have taking up space in the garage.

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