Do you ever feel like the art in your house has gone a little stale? One of my favorite things about DIY’ing the art in our house is that I don’t feel bad about changing it up for something like this faux chalkboard sign when things start to feel stale.

I wasn’t digging the art I had next to the DIY safety pin I made a while back, so I was overdue to figure out something else to put in its place. What I came up with was this faux chalkboard sign. The best part is that I used supplies I already had on hand. I absolutely love when I can make something new out of things I have just lying around!

I didn’t even use a wrapped canvas for this project, I used a flat canvas then spaced it off the wall with a wooden frame.

First, I painted the entire canvas black and let it dry. To make it look like a chalkboard, I mixed a few different shades of grey and added them onto the canvas to look like smudged chalk. Whenever it started too look too white, I added some water onto the canvas and smudged it out. In retrospect, I could’ve gone a little heavier on the lighter sections. They don’t show up as well on camera as they do in person.

Next, to give me inspiration, I looked up a script font online and penciled the word ‘Laundry’ across the middle of the canvas. Then I used white paint to paint the word over the pencil.

I then made a stencil from plain paper and a bold font. I wish I could’ve used my Silhouette to cut the stencil out, but I can’t find my cutting mats anywhere. So I took my time and cut the stencil out using my tiny nail scissors.

All that was left was to paint it in!

Then frame it … and hang it up!

I love this faux chalkboard laundry room sign. It's so honest!

Could this project have been any easier?! This is the kind of project I absolutely love. Something that takes a couple hours and gives me something new to hang up on the wall for free!!

State of DIY Signature


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