Have you been obsessed with those giant safety pins you can hang on your wall as laundry room decor? I can’t be the only one… Well, have you seen that they’re $20-$30 each? Yeah, that’s not happening. So I made one instead.

I got some armature wire from Amazon for under $10. At first, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but this stuff is decently pliable and holds its shape pretty well once you’re done messing around with it.

Tools Required:
  • side cutters
  • ruler
  • sharpie
  • can-o-food


Here’s how:

To start, I measured out a length of the wire, using the ruler to straighten it as I unrolled. At 25″, I made a mark. This section is the point of the pin.

To make the looped part of the safety pin, I unrolled more wire, again using the ruler as a straight edge, and wrapped the wire around the can.

I again unrolled more wire against the straight edge, measured to about 28″ and made a mark with sharpie.

I wrapped the wire 180 degrees around the can and unrolled more wire toward the bottom of the pin.

To make the “clasp” section, I wrapped the wire back toward the top, using the sharpie as a guide. While the rest of the wire folding was on a single plane and flat on the table, to make this fold I brought the wire straight up off the table and around the sharpie.

The wires of this section needed to be closer together, so I crimped the wires together to make a tighter fold. I used the can to squish the folds together, which caused the line you can see in the picture. You can’t see the crease after it’s painted, so no big deal.

Next, I wrapped the wire for another full revolution around the can and trimmed the wire.

Then, I took the bottom inch or so of the clasp section and folded it outward. This section will hold the point of the safety pin when it’s closed.

I held the pin closed, marked where the end should be, and cut off the excess.

To make the straight end look more like a pin, I used the side cutters to nibble around the blunt end and form a point.


Next up, paint:

After seeing the pin on the wall, I decided that the round loops of wire needed to be wider, so I worked the wire apart to make the rounded parts larger. I wish I had done this before I cut the extra wire off, because it did make the pin shorter than I had intended.

All in all, I’m pleased with how this one turned out and I was able to save some moolah, too. Hooray to trying new things!


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