It is finally spring and the weather is agreeing with the calendar! This time of year makes me want to throw open all the windows and fill the house with fresh air. I’ve been feeling so energized and restless and I actually feel the urge to clean every nook and cranny of our home. Honestly, I only feel like I want to clean about once a year, so I’m going with it!

Let’s get Real about Cleaning

I’ve always struggled with cleaning checklists. Project checklists at home or to-do lists at work? I’m here for it. Cleaning checklists? No thank you. So, I knew I needed to come up with something super simple and easy to follow to make the whole process feel less daunting.

Quarterly and annual chores are the worst. I can never remember the last time I did them. I either miss them completely or I let them pile up then I feel like I have to finish them all on a single day. That day turns into the worst day ever and I usually don’t get through all the chores anyhow!

Why Bother?

Then it happened. A leaky valve gave me a very real moment of clarity when it tried to flood our basement. (Yep, checking for leaks is totally an item on the checklist…) To make things worse, I had just gotten home from a week-long trip and my husband wasn’t due back for another week. I was so disappointed because this situation could’ve been avoided completely if I’d paid more attention to home maintenance.

So, I am partially writing about this to hold myself accountable. I am going to get it together this year! And to make sure I do it, I’m going to post monthly updates as I make it through the list along with the things I learn along the way. (Do you know how to clean a faucet aerator? I sure don’t… yet!)

Another thing that was on my list of resolutions for the year was to keep up on daily chores so I don’t have to spend the whole weekend putting off cleaning then cleaning all day Sunday. Is it really the end of March? Because this resolution seems to have fallen off my stinkin’ list. Spring is the best time for a restart though, right?

Starting Fresh

So here it is: our Home Maintenance Schedule. I kept it simple. Daily chores, plus a weekly chore Monday-Wednesday and monthly chores on Thursday-Sunday.


We’ll see how this goes. I’ll update the list if I change something throughout the year. Let me know if you see something on the list that’s a little off. And let me know if you don’t see something I should’ve included. Here’s to not repeating last year’s mistakes!

Happy Spring!

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If you’re interested in downloading the fonts I used to create this printable, check out the Simplicity and A Gentle Touch fonts created by Vanessa Bays at

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