I got a new camera this week, so I’ve been running around like kid with a shiny new toy taking pictures of everything in the house, including our recently styled laundry room. Seriously, I took pictures of some fake flowers for an hour… No shame!

Here are some of the projects we recently completed to finish up and style our laundry room.

Starburst Mirror

Our starburst mirror didn’t make it through our move last year. Unfortunately, all the “bursts” broke off, so I salvaged the mirror and created this laundry inspired starburst mirror.

Styling the laundry room almost makes me want to spend more time doing laundry

Washer and Dryer Stand

The biggest improvement we made recently was building this washer and dryer stand.

This washer and dryer stand makes for easy laundry

Laundry has been so much less of a pain in the back (pun intended) since we got those babies up off the ground. The best part was that the supplies didn’t even cost $50 and we painted and stained it to match everything else in our house.

Floating Shelf

We originally intended for this shelf to be our mantel, which you can read about here. Of course, I changed my mind on the mantel a hundred times, so this wonderful hunk of wood ended up being a laundry room shelf.

An easy shelf and decorations in the laundry room make for a brighter space

Shelf Decoration

We have so many left over flowers, jars and candles from our wedding last summer, so I put some coffee beans in jars and plopped some candles on top. Not too bad.

With the left over clothespins from the starburst mirror and a tin can, I made a tiny vase to hold some of those left over flowers I mentioned. I made the sign from some scrap using the method from my last post.

Laundry Tray to Corral Clutter

Not all of the styling was just for show. I made this quick tray out of some scrap wood and it is the perfect spot to keep our detergent, dryer sheets, mesh bags and a change jar.

An easy laundry tray makes keeping clutter under control a breeze

I’m not going to lie, it is a lot easier to spend time doing laundry when there’s more to look at than a washer and dryer. I am loving how this room came together. There are a few projects left in this room before I’m calling it finished, but this isn’t a bad start.

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